How to Keep your Sales Team Happy with the Right Marketing Strategy

Is your marketing strategy keeping your sales team happy?

That’s what we’re going to talk about today so sit tight and get ready.


My name’s Jody from Social Charlie, where we help train and recruit in-house ad strategists for high-ticket coaches.

If you have a sales team trying to close high ticket clients working with coaches, we hear how really low quality or low show-up rates when it comes to some of their leads as being a problem these days.

People are saying, “Oh, it’s just there’s a huge no-show rate these days. It’s just what’s going on.” Nope.

This is probably happening because their marketing strategies being used are still back in the 2016 days. People are still out there and they’re still teaching it, and it’s not working these days.

The old ad, webinar, book call, it’s just not working. Yes, it did work at one point in time. But the truth is that business strategy must adapt to the culture of the current times.

What we need to do now is to have a bit more of a nurturing process, a process that actually follows more of the psychology for a high-ticket sale.

I meet a lot of sales guys. I’ve met some epic salespeople lately. They are truly fantastic!

In fact, I was talking to one of them recently, and the company that they’re working for is boasting about $15 booked calls, which, you know, if you were to say to anybody in the high-ticket coaching space, “we’re getting booked calls for $15,” everyone would be saying, “WHAAAAAT, how are you doing it?”

But you’ve got to look at the flip side of the issue.

A great sales agent is worth their weight in gold.

And they really know it.

A lot of them would only work commission-based. That is how confident they are in their abilities.

They don’t want to be on a retainer, because they know they can have an untapped income because they’re so good at sales and they may charge 20% commission, okay, for their efforts, which is awesome. So they want to be making sure that they’re getting some

good-quality leads in, and that they’ve got a diary FULL of people that they can talk to to promote the high-ticket coach or your business.

Now, with these guys that are out there promoting poor quality leads, quite often, and I’ve experienced this myself with clients in our CIA, our Conversion Implementation Academy, where they would say, “Yeah, we’re getting $100 leads, but only 10% of the people are getting on calls.” That whittles it right down.

So what is actually going on here?

The numbers don’t lie so make sure you look at the numbers and beyond the numbers too.

We’ll go back to the $15 leads. If you’re spending $15 a lead, and you’ve got a hundred people booked in for a call, you’ve spent $1,500 on those calls and you’ve got a hundred people booked in. But if 95% of them don’t turn up, that $15 lead has actually turned into a $300 lead.

And you may be saying, “Oh yeah, well, that’s fine. It’s just a numbers game. We’ll all just get them through.”

But it’s not just a numbers game.

What we often see is, a low-cost lead does not equal a high-quality lead. You will often get the bottom of the barrel. And from this salesperson that I was talking to, the 5% that do turn up for a call aren’t good-quality leads anyway.

If you are selling a high-ticket offer at $10,000, you must remember if it’s costing you $1,500 to get a sale, then you know, that’s good. And then you take in the commission for the agent, which would be extra two grand. 20% on the 10K, so $3,500. So that’s sweet.

You’re way ahead.

However, when you look at the sales agent side of it, they’ve got a hundred people booked in on their calendar. What’s the logistics of that? Seven calls a day, for example, and they’ve got a hundred people booked in, that’s going to take FOURTEEN days to get through. So three business weeks, and they’ll talk to maybe one or two people each week.

That’s pretty diabolical numbers.

Work in Harmony with Your Sales and Marketing Team

If you want to have a sales team that is capable of selling and want to sell, and you want them to sell, you’ve got to work in harmony with them, with a great marketing strategy.

So if your marketing strategy is resembling that of Glengarry Glen Ross, always be closing, it may be an out of date method for Facebook marketing and online marketing these days.

I’ve only seen that one scene with Alec Baldwin and haven’t seen the entire movie. However, It’s a pretty cool scene with Alec. And the whole feel and vibe of it where Jack Lemmon is saying, “The leads are weak,”and Alec’s saying, “You’re weak,” and it’s just like, “they’re here, they’re here, get their money.” Is that the approach that you have with your online marketing these days, with your Facebook campaigns? Just get their email address. Just get them to add to cart. Just get them to buy it already!

But a more important question to ask is are they the only campaigns that you are investing in?

If they are, then that is an out-of-date strategy, especially with the high-ticket sales these days.

You need to invest in nurturing your ideal client

The reason you need to nurture is because they are not just going to go, “Oh, wow, yes, I’m going to sign up for this. Oh yes, I’m going to book a call with you straightaway!”

There are a lot of tire kickers and people that have zero intention of making a purchase. You will get those gold nuggets where you’ve hit that person right at the right place at the right time but that will not be an every single time occurrence. They are red hot and ready.

They’ve got that problem and you’ve presented at the time as their solution.

That’s awesome, but that’s like one out of the hundred.

Long game wins with high-ticket sales

You need to play the long game and be investing long-term into nurturing the relationship, taking along the psychology of this high-ticket sales process, building up trust, building up affinity, be prepared to be bringing value, educating, and connecting with them.

There’s really no skipping this step. And you’ll probably often find that if it’s your personal brand, people will be reaching out to you in Messenger, not filling out an application form, because you’ve made such a personal connection with them.

That’s when you know you’re actually doing a good thing and people are paying attention. However, for the marketing team it’s not so good, because when someone comes through and connects via Messenger and you do the sale offline, we can’t always track it quite so easy.

But that’s a sign for you that you’re doing good things, that you’re out there, that you’re investing into continuing the relationship, establishing trust, taking them on their customer journey. I am often times talking to the high-ticket coach or a high-ticket sales company, business person, and they are struggling with getting people to actually turn out, because they are not investing in the relationship.

Bring Your Strategy Out of Old School Techniques

Stop doing an ad to a webinar, leading people to a booked call, and that’s all you’re gonna get from us. Then, since they are now on your list, your going to hit them up everyday, to provide some sort of value, but it’s all going to have a push and it’s only all going to be sending them to come over and book a call, again.

That’s very old-school and people honestly want more. They want more of you so they can feel a ‘like, trust, and know’ connection with you.

And the reality is you want this too!

Very-old school, and seriously, it really does not cost a lot of money to be establishing a relationship the right way. I encourage you to know you can do better and it isn’t really that difficult.

Now, the people that I talk to, the high-ticket sales guys, or the business owner, they will often be saying that, “Oh yeah, someone just closed with us today,” and they’d been watching us for six months, nine months, three months, 12 months.

These long-term watching and seeing, waiting for the right time, or just building up that trust and rapport, it’s not just a seven-day cycle.

It’s not just deliver an ad, get them to a webinar, then a booked call, with one little retargeting ad.

People who are out there doing that and teaching that and are saying they’re getting these big results and big massive ROIs, they’ve been doing it for a long time. They’ve got a lot of data on their pixel. They’ve got a lot of information in their ad account, and maybe a lot of SEO traffic or organic traffic. It’s like someone with an e-mail list size of 400,000 people teaching someone wih 78 people on their list that they’ll get the same results when that is honestly false.

All this other stuff coming from every other direction, and you just bang up some retargeting campaigns and you’re going to make a lot of money.

We don’t all have that result.

We’re not all that established.

However, what we do need to do regardless is to be building up these long-term relationships. It’s not always about list building.

It truly is not.

Even though that’s great, yes, you want to be building a list, it’s not the be all and end all. Don’t just run conversion campaigns. With our Social Charlie system, we do exactly this by using our engagement campaigns, video campaigns and read campaigns.

So we are connecting with people in various ways, and not just for a week, buy or die.

The Nurture Game Wins

We’re nurturing the relationship long-term so that they see us everyday in their newsfeed, they know we’re consistent, and they know that we’re turning up and giving them great value and educating them, and showing them that we can help them but more importantly that we are invested in helping them.

That’s what we need to be looking at too. It’s not just buy or die, here’s our ads, bringing in these cheap leads for the sales team to close. You know, sales guys, they’re not magicians, right? So we don’t want to just be focusing on close, close, get the lead, get the lead, how much is that booked call, let’s get them in and fill up the calendar.

Fill your calendar with quality leads

Quality leads are going to make any professional sales persons day ten times over than a bunch of leads that aren’t the right fit. And you can do that by nurturing the relationship and putting great information out there. Not just conversion campaigns, but nurturing sequences long-term that’s going to be building up that know, like, and trust factor, so when they do book a call with your sales team, you can have close rates as high as 70%.

Any sales person will love to hear the numbers of a 70% close rate. Am I right?

Yes, I know I am. Sales people everywhere will say, “AWESOME!!!”

I hope you found that to be valuable.

Oh, and if you could use a free tool to help you maximize the profits in your next webinar, be sure to download my Webinar Profitability Calculator at!

This calculator that I’ve created is able to help if you are running webinar campaigns. You can actually punch in what your sales goals are, whether you’ve got a sales team, so they’re going to a sales call, or even to an automated process for a lower-ticket offer. Punch in your sales goal and it’ll tell you what you expect to spend, cost per lead, how much ad spend you need to put in, and where you can remain profitable. So head over to to swipe that.

It’s been great being here with you today.

Look after your sales team, look after your marketing team.

We’re all working together to make sure that we make the world a better place with our product, services, or offer.

I’m Jody from Social Charlie.

Until next time, I’ll see you on Facebook.





Founder, Social Charlie Facebook Ad Agency and Creator of Elite Ad Manger Certification. I train and equip women to make 6 figures running Ads for clients

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Jody Milward

Jody Milward

Founder, Social Charlie Facebook Ad Agency and Creator of Elite Ad Manger Certification. I train and equip women to make 6 figures running Ads for clients

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